Keeping Teens Involved in the Practice of the Faith

I spoke to a group of teens who were preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Confirmation is generally administered to 10th graders in the Atlanta Archdiocese. The format of the talk was “Stump the Deacon!”  It is one of the things I do in education that I most enjoy.  The teens had written questions before I… Continue reading Keeping Teens Involved in the Practice of the Faith

Because it is True

Photography © by Andy Coan

The only reason to believe something is because it is true. I am Catholic, not because it feels good to go to Mass on Sunday, or because it helps me cope with suffering in my life, or even because I was raised that way. I am Catholic because Catholicism is true. Unfortunately, my generation has… Continue reading Because it is True

The Lost Art of Interpersonal Communication

Today we have a long list of ways to connect and communicate through the latest and greatest technological gadgets.  We have the new iphone4S.  We can text, tweet, friend people on Facebook and yes, we can even do something that is almost getting to seem old fashioned…e-mail.  Why is it with all of the communication… Continue reading The Lost Art of Interpersonal Communication

New Mission Territory

Look around after Mass or observe the folks attending ministry meetings and parish events and ask yourself: Where are all the young adults?  According to the Fast Facts on Young Adults page listed on the USCCB website, the Church defines “young adults” as 18-40 years of age and says that 40% of Catholics today belong… Continue reading New Mission Territory

Exploring Elysium

“Goodnight…” “Goodnight.” “Don’t go to sleep….” “I won’t.” This is the way my brother and I ended each day. Steve was my junior by three years, and the long shadows of evening always filled him with thoughts of phantoms floating through foyers and bogeys under the bed. Somewhere along the line he determined, or perhaps… Continue reading Exploring Elysium

A Pope’s Invitation to Youth

Check out Amy Wellborn’s excellent review of the 5 years of Pope Benedict XVI’s pontificate and his frequent outreach to young people around the world.  She clearly captures the Pontif’s passion for energizing young people and young adults in to having a deeper faith and stronger connection to the teachings of the Church. A Pope’s… Continue reading A Pope’s Invitation to Youth