What Do You Want From Life?

Photography © by Andy Coan

“What do you want from life?” has become a regular part of my dialogue with friends, colleagues, loved ones, and strangers on planes. I ask it as a tool to help me to understand others, and I ask it to further understand myself.. For the most part, the answers people tend to give are vague and general, not at all […]

We’re Young, We’re like Totally Hip…and We’re Needed

I recently decided, more or less on a whim, to be a Sunday school teacher at my parish.  I saw an e-mail asking for new instructors, so I called and volunteered.  I’ve also recently decided to help out more with junior high ministry at the parish that sponsors my young adult group.  These commitments may turn out to be quite […]

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

A gorgeous autumn jacket caught my eye as I was flipping through a recent issue of a fashion magazine, trying to find the “perfect” haircut—you know, just cute enough to say I am still “fashionable” yet not too cute to say “I’m 52 years-old trying to look 30.” The jacket was what I would call “car length.” It was made […]