Young Catholic Professionals

Entrepreneurship and Serving the Church: 3 Tips for Embracing Failure and Persevering through Discouragement

Over 180 members of the Young Catholic Professionals group came out on the second Tuesday in October, to the Cathedral Guadalupe in Dallas, for a great event with CEO John Williams. Mr. Williams, who has been an entrepreneur in various businesses since he graduated with his MBA from Stanford University, spoke to the group about the lessons he has learned for […]

Think like an entrepreneur… not like an employee

What does it really mean to be a Catholic professional? On a recent Tuesday, Richard Kelly, Principal at LumaCorp, Inc., addressed a group of 240 young professionals gathered at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin Guadalupe in Dallas. His topic: “What it really means to be a Catholic professional.” Rich briefly shared his own reversion to Catholicism, which occurred at the […]

5 Steps to Finding Faith and Balance in Business

Jere Thompson and Members of
Young Adult Professionals

Editor’s Note: This is the first post from the group, Young Catholic Professionals (, in Dallas, Texas. Randy Hain and I applaud their efforts to call today’s young adults to “Work in Witness for Christ” and are grateful for their contributions here to the mission of the Integrated Catholic Life™. – Deacon Mike Bickerstaff What’s Important Now: 5 Steps to Finding Faith and […]