Year of Faith

Discover the Power of Yes and Share in a Journey “Along the Way”

Along the Way: Lessons for an Authentic Journey of Faith

“I was attending Mass with my family in early October 2005. The Mass had just begun and I felt very uneasy, a feeling that had started when I woke up that morning. I was as white as a sheet, sweating, trembling and (I) felt very anxious. My family thought I was having a heart attack … I remember thinking for […]

A Year of Faith for Mothers: A Welcome “Change”

It’s only natural to be thinking about possible new beginnings and changes in our lives at this time of year. After all, we as Catholics are embarking on a Year of Faith proclaimed by our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI. What is Our Lord expecting of us in this brand new Year of Faith? We might wonder. What will He […]

John XXIII: Saint in the Age of Television

  In 1958, a congenial old man, Angelo Roncalli, was elected to the chair of Peter.  He was to be a caretaker pope, someone to keep the ship steady while the cardinals identified a more long-term leader.  That smiling old man soon stunned the world by calling the first ecumenical council in nearly a hundred years.  That was not exactly […]

Are We Ready for the Year of Faith?

Pope Benedict XVI is giving us a great opportunity in this New Year to make a big difference.  In October he announced the “Year of Faith” which according to Vatican statements is designed to help Catholics around the world deepen their relationship with God, better appreciate the gift of our Catholic faith, and strengthen our commitment to sharing the Catholic […]

Fr. Barron Comments on “What Faith Is and What Faith Isn’t”

Pope Benedict announces: “The Year of Faith” Watch and listen to Fr. Barron’s commentary on “What Faith Is and What Faith Isn’t”. “The Protestant theologian, Paul Tillich once said that ‘faith is the most misunderstood word in the religious vocabulary’ and I’m increasingly convinced that he was right about that. And my justification for that is…” Father Barron can be […]