A Novel about Same Sex Attraction from a Catholic? – Interview with Dena Hunt

In The Lion’s Heart (2nd ed, Full Quiver Publishing, 2014), Dena Hunt tackles a topic that’s hot and that gets people talking in loud tones at times: same sex attraction. She does it in a way that’s not preachy, that’s good writing, and that’s gut-wrenchingly honest. While I loved the book, I didn’t necessarily love reading it. This is a […]

The Quiet Voice that Calls You

I remember years ago having to write an essay for an English class on the topic, “Why I Write.” I wish I could find the essay and see what I had to say about my reasons for writing back in high school. Although the decade-old assignment is likely tucked in a clutter of papers on a dusty closet shelf somewhere, […]

Tomato Pie and Novel Fun with Erin McCole Cupp

I’m always looking for a good novel, and when I find one, I’m always eager to share about it. And in Erin McCole Cupp’s new novel, Don’t You Forget about Me, I have found a winner! This book has all the elements that make a book addictive: a compelling story told well with characters who are unforgettable. You’ll laugh, you’ll […]

Talking with Karen Beattie about Rock-Bottom Blessings

A few weeks ago, I found myself reading the new book by Karen Beattie, Rock-Bottom Blessings: Discovering God’s Abundance When All Seems Lost. It’s a book that struck me in many ways, and I’ll never think of the word “rock” quite the same way again. The idea of seeing everything as a blessing is one that sounds good, and one that I have […]

The Devil’s Secret Silence

I recently engaged in correspondence with a young man who indicated that he had committed horrific sins and could not even bring himself to anonymously confess to a priest. Though I cannot reveal more about the situation, his sins would cause most to recoil and I believe he is now in prison for one particularly horrific crime. In corresponding with […]

I Came to Graduate School and Now I Have Writer’s Block

I have been remiss in undertaking the glorious endeavor of writing in the past few weeks…well, maybe months. When I sat down at my computer the other day, fingers ready to fly around the keys, a bowl of freshly popped popcorn at my side, piano music playing in the background, motivation was at an all-time high—and results at an all-time […]