A Review of Head and Heart: Becoming Spiritual Leaders for Your Family

As the Synod on the Family continues in Rome, Catholic families around the world are refocusing on the importance of transmitting the faith in a vibrant, intentional way at home. At this particular moment in history, spiritual leadership and growth in holiness within the family really demands our attention as sons and daughters of the Church, and as spouses and […]

Taking a Vacation WITHOUT Taking a Vacation from the Faith

There are times in my past when a vacation would apply to all areas of my life:  leave from work, leave from routine, leave from Sunday Mass.  Growing in my faith has taught me a vacation is the perfect opportunity to slow down and keep God at the center of my heart. As a Catholic momma who works outside of […]

5 Reasons to Speak Positively about your Spouse at Work

“Sorry, I can’t do it tonight. The old ball and chain gets ticked off if I’m out late.” How many times have we heard derogatory comments like this about spouses in the workplace? Even worse, snide remarks can give way to all-out whining: “My husband is such a jerk sometimes” or “My wife completely lost interest in me after we […]

Photography © by Paul Johnson

10 Ways for Men to Increase Work & Family Balance

My wife got run off the road today. Some guy was in a big hurry and didn’t like the fact that Kathi had slowed down to merge onto the highway behind a school bus full of children. So he accelerated from behind her car, and drove up beside her, forcing her onto the berm. After almost causing multiple accidents, he […]

Time Management for Busy Moms

“How do you do it all?” People ask busy mothers this all the time. Time management is an important yet elusive goal. Everyone wants to know “the secret.”  I’ve been blessed to know some very holy and efficient mothers. Let me introduce a couple to you and then we’ll talk strategy. My mother had thirteen children, yet always found time […]

Wife Confidential: Why I Make His Lunch

When the babies were little and kept coming every other year, it was sometimes a challenge to keep them dry, fed, and happy, the house organized, and myself reasonably rested and motivated. Some days it was 11 a.m. and I was still in sweats with breakfast dishes piled in the sink., running with the toddler for the third time into […]