Catholic Quote of the Day — from Pope Francis and Amoris Laetitia

Pope Francis (neneo /

“Here let me say a word to fiancés. Have the courage to be different. Don’t let yourselves get swallowed up by a society of consumption and empty appearances. What is important is the love you share, strengthened and sanctified by grace. You are capable of opting for a more modest and simple celebration in which love takes precedence over everything […]

A Wedding Veil, an Ironing Board and Plenty of Prayers

It is just a few hours before my youngest niece’s wedding. I am in my sister’s house in Oklahoma City, where chaos is spreading like wildfire as last-minute preparations are underway. There are too few shower stalls for the people who need them, and not enough mirrors. The bride and her sister are huddled in the main bathroom experimenting with […]

The Joint Defense of Marriage and Democracy

Last November, Bishop Sal Cordileone, the youthful and talented bishop of Oakland, California, was appointed to head the U.S. Bishops efforts to defend marriage. While an auxiliary bishop in San Diego, he had led the efforts of the Catholic Church in California to pass Proposition 8, which defined that the only marriage that would be considered valid in state law […]

The Fermentation of Marriage

The quality of a marriage, like a fine wine, depends on the aging process. As grape juice ferments, the yeast acts upon the sugar to produce alcohol—the wine.  The greater the percentage of sugar present in the grapes, the more raw material there is to be converted and the greater the potential for a fine wine. Isn’t that symbolic?  The […]