Wedding Feast

The King’s Wedding Feast—Invitation Declined

"Table of Mortal Sins - Acedia" (detail) by Hieronymus Bosch [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Why would people decline a royal invitation to a wedding feast fit for a king?  This parable of Jesus describes a situation we see around us everyday—pervasive apathy in the face of the offer of salvation and eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.  The cause?  A sneaky but deadly sin called sloth. Reflection on the Mass readings for the […]

Don’t let this Sneaky Sin Keep You from the Party

Photography © by Andy Coan

At age 16, life was about rock ‘n roll. If my own band was not performing on Saturday night, I was out in the audience watching another band. It would have never occurred to me to spend my Saturday nights at a Catholic conference or retreat. True, no matter how late I was out, I’d never miss Sunday Mass. But […]