Citizens of Earth and Heaven

 “There’s an acute tension in the life of a Catholic that comes into focus this time of year.” In some ways, the Gospel reading this Sunday couldn’t come at a better time. Here in the United States, some pastors probably cringed when they opened up the lectionary, realizing it would be hard to duck at that pitch. In a sense, […]

The Most Important Thing You Can Do On Election Day

Man at Prayer

Many of us feel helpless right now, as Election Day approaches.  Perhaps you’ve felt this way before, each time you’re given the responsibility of choosing the man or woman that will lead your school board, city, state, or even country.  Maybe you’ve never felt as helpless as you do in this election. Perhaps you’ve read all you want to read, […]

Cardinal stresses that Right to Life is issue number one!

Courtesy of "Architect of the Capitol"

Dear Friends, Without the protection of the right to life, no other discussion of human rights can continue. So declared Cardinal Renato Martino in an interview I conducted with him about politics and elections. As we approach Election Day, some – even within the Church – will distort and hide the fact that the Church (and commonsense, by the way) make […]

The Duty of Catholics to Vote

Courtesy of "Architect of the Capitol"

Dear Friends, As we approach Election Day and as voting is already underway in many states, we have to cut through the fog and confusion that some try to perpetuate regarding Catholic teaching on voting. In the video below, Cardinal Renato Martino gives us clarity and courage to say what has to be said: No Catholic can vote for a […]

Is it Morally Permissible to Vote for a Pro-Abortion Candidate?

Unborn Child

Every election cycle, the debate arises… “Candidate ‘A’ opposes abortion, but I disagree with his other positions. Candidate ‘B’ promotes access to and advocates a legal right to abortion, but I feel that he is more correct on the other issues of the day. Is it morally permissible for me to vote for Candidate ‘B’”? The question is often framed […]

Let’s Move Beyond Preaching to the Choir

Photography © by Paul Johnson

The day after Independence Day finds me experiencing an eclectic mix of feelings: elation, hope and anxiety.  Time with my family, Mass yesterday morning and the evening fireworks provided the traditional backdrop for our July 4th celebration, but there was a nagging feeling of dread lurking beneath the surface yesterday that I am struggling to shake.  The most democratic and […]

The Consequences of the “I Don’t Want to Offend” Mindset

Over lunch this week with a long-time client, the blessing I said at the beginning of the meal was the catalyst for an interesting conversation (as it has been with so many others in the past).  This human resources executive smiled as I made the sign of the cross at the end and said, “Well, I don’t see this every […]

Voting a Truly Informed Catholic Conscience

Several state bishops conferences, including the four Massachusetts bishops who comprise the Massachusetts Catholic Conference, have published letters or guides to the Catholic faithful about tomorrow’s elections. Following upon the 2007 document of the U.S. Bishops as a whole, “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship,” they have all sought to form the consciences of Catholics so that they may vote morally […]