The Scavi: Discovering the Tomb of the Rock

I am currently in Rome on pilgrimage, which is always a bit of a homecoming, since I was blessed to have the opportunity to study in the city twice.  I’m often asked by people traveling to the Eternal City what they should absolutely see when they’re there. (This is often asked by people who have not dedicated enough time to the city; trying […]

John Paul II and the Communion of Saints

A few years ago, my friend Megan and I headed to Rome to celebrate the feast of John Paul II.  At the time, he was newly beatified and was not yet on the calendar for the church in the United States.  It was his first feast day, and barring special permission, Mass for his feast could be celebrated in only […]

Rome Speaks for Herself and She says “Catholic”

St. Peter's Basilica at Night (and Ponte Sant Angelo over the Tiber)

Much of the evidence that the Catholic Church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic can be found in Rome.  How else does one explain that the Church has the greatest treasure of early Christian artifacts in the world?  I don’t mean this in an arrogant way, but more as look and see… and think.  If our Church is steeped in the relics […]

Changing the Perception

“Isn’t the Church against stem cell research?” This question came up more than once from my own friends, family members and regular Church-going Catholics as I was preparing to head to Rome to cover the second adult stem cell conference.  It’s a question that highlighted just how much the perception concerning this topic needs to be addressed head on. After […]

One Catholic Media Person’s Experience of Covering Breaking Papal History

I went to bed on Sunday, February 10, all keyed up for a busy week as a member of the Catholic media.  After all, Ash Wednesday was mere days away, and for someone with plenty of segments to cover, this meant that the news drought between the March for Life and Lent would be over, and I’d not have to […]


The Pietà (1499), a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo and displayed at St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, is an example of the Catholic Church's support for the arts.

Let’s Regroup Sometimes when you find yourself on your heels fighting a tough battle, it’s best to step back, regroup and join forces with your allies.  We are in that situation now, as our very way of life – indeed, the very meaning of who we are as women and men – is under attack.  We need to regroup, and […]

Distinguished Student and Teacher in the Church’s Essential School

On Sunday, the Catholic world will rejoice as Pope Benedict XVI beatifies his predecessor Pope John Paul II. Six years ago, at John Paul II’s funeral Mass, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger preached that the most distinctive characteristic of the life of Karol Wojytla was that, from his earliest days, he responded to the Lord’s call to follow him as a […]

A Long-Awaited Advent

There’s a common phenomenon that occurs when a movie is made based on a best-selling book. Those who have never read the book go to the movie and often appreciate the story on its own merits, even if, as happens frequently, many of the elements that gave life to the original work were not included or changed outright. Those who […]

The Vatican Goes YouTube

 C. S. Lewis, the most widely read apologist for Christianity of the 20th Century, brought attention to its power of drawing people away from merely gossiping about God.  The sad state of affairs in the contemporary world is that mere gossiping about God has become rampant.  Gossipy questions abound such as:  Does he exist?  Is he dead?  Has he been […]