Leopard-frames and new outlooks

Leopard in profile

I’m in love with my new eye glasses. Okay, I’m not really in love with them in the way that one human being can be in love with another human being, but I do like them an awful, awful lot. Because of all the writing and editing I do on the computer, my husband and I decided that it would […]

Vainglory: Seeking the Praise of Men

“…the soul that desires to keep his piety hidden is the one who draws down the praise of the angels and saints.” Do you worry over what others think of you? Do you sometimes say or do things to draw attention to yourself? Do you replay conversations in your mind, wondering if you left the right impression? If so, you […]

What Can Catholics Learn from Lady Gaga?

I know. I got your attention with that title, didn’t I? It seems like Lady Gaga’s name is coming up everywhere these days—in conversations, on television, at baseball games…Let’s face it. She’s pretty hard to ignore. At first glance, it seems a little hard to see how this unusually captivating music icon-of-the-moment can provoke us to think about anything Catholic. […]