Autumnal Adoration

Photography by Jérôme Prax

It would be difficult for me to live in a place without seasons.  I do love warm weather and sunshine, and I know people who love their homes in Florida and Arizona, but I think I need the change of the seasons in my life. I love fall. I love bringing out cardigans and boots from storage, the sound of […]

Four Meaningful Ways We Can Help Job Seekers

Stressed and Anxious

With official unemployment hovering around 8% (the real percentage is probably much higher), it is likely that we all know friends and family affected by this tough economy.  It may be difficult to admit, but at some point we run out of helpful advice.  We may even start to avoid these wonderful people who need our assistance because we feel […]

Four Ways Job Seekers Should Expect More From Us

I had an epiphany recently related to people in career transition.  I have been counseling people in transition for many years and have written several articles on job search strategy.  My epiphany (or firm grasp of the obvious?), is that I rarely read or hear anything about how to effectively help people looking for a new job.  The interview coaching, […]

Teaching Our Kids to Handle Adversity

One of the defining moments in my youngest son’s life occurred on a Saturday a few years ago.  He had been working hard for over two years to earn his black belt in Taekwondo and was participating in an all-city testing event to determine if he was ready.  He executed his kicks and moves flawlessly during the day and you […]

Land Mines

I am an observer.  People fascinate me and I enjoy listening to their stories, challenges and triumphs.  As the Managing Partner of a national executive search firm, I have interviewed and spoken with thousands of individuals in career transition over the last 10 years.  These interactions, along with my other experiences in executive search, have helped me develop a firm […]

The Upside of a Job Search in a Down Economy

When faced with an opportunity to fundamentally change your life, will you take it?  Many of us want to answer this question with a resounding “yes,” but may think that reality is not attainable. Not necessarily so.  Consider the possibility that the current recession may be providing the catalyst for meaningful lessons and positive life changes to people all around […]