Baptize the baby

A few things in the last week prompted further thoughts about baptism. In addition to the feast this past Sunday, I also recorded an episode for my weekly series “3 Minute Theology,” on the theological theory of limbo. I receive a lot of questions about limbo. This probably can be attributed to the fact that people think it was a […]

The Three Views of the Human Person

There are two ways to view the world. We either attempt to see the world rightly as it was intended by the divine author, or we fancy ourselves the arbiters of truth and pronounce the nature of things by our own lights. When it comes to the human person there are at least three distinct ways to see and understand […]

Speaking with Christopher West about “Fill These Hearts”

I remember so clearly when I first “met” Christopher West. I had picked up a CD of one of his talks after a Jason Evert talk at a neighboring parish. I was stuffing envelopes in our parish office, pregnant and wondering if this “Theology of the Body” stuff was really worth fiddling with, when I found myself listening to a […]

Love Sees with New Eyes

When Jesus threw open his arms on the cross, he said, in effect: “See? That’s how much I love you.” There is a dimension of truth which most of us have tragically lost and need to recover, a dimension that cannot be put into words and sentences, though words and sentences can be used to suggest it. All premodern societies […]

Thinking about Herby, my Rooster, during Lent

Lessons from Childhood At night when I can’t sleep, I think about my happy childhood a lot. I grew up with animals: dogs, ducks, chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs, cows, and horses. Happy as the days were, I experienced a lot of loss and death with that many animals around. The first pet I remember was a duck named Oscar who […]

Meet Contributing Writer – Dr. Peter Kreeft

The family of writers who contribute to The Integrated Catholic Life eMagazine continues to grow.  We are excited to announce that Dr. Peter Kreeft has joined our efforts.  Dr. Kreeft is a humble and generous man of faith and an outstanding thinker and writer of all things Christian.  We are blessed to be able to share his writings here. It was […]

Meet Contributing Writer – Dr. Donald DeMarco

AMDG The family of writers continues to grow by the grace of God.  We are honored to announce that Dr. Donald DeMarco is a contributing writer for The Integrated Catholic Life eMagazine.  Praise God! Dr. Donald DeMarco is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, St. Jerome’s University, Waterloo, Ontario; a Visiting Scholar, Holy Apostles College and Seminary; a Distinguished Visiting Teacher, St. […]