The Mary Journey

The Everyday Example of Mary – Especially for Women Who Work

"Pentecost" (Detail of Mary) by Jean Restout

As women who work, we reflect on our leadership in the workforce. In the work world, we are taught that the leadership equation includes winning, managing, competition, with “me” at the center of it all:  my next promotion; my next acquisition; my next big step. For women striving to do God’s Holy Will, the work world can be tricky and […]

“Do Whatever He Tells You”

"Marriage at Cana" by Gerard David

In full disclosure, I am not a Marian scholar.  I am not fully versed in all of the Church doctrine about Mary, and how that applies to me as a lay person in the Church.  I am approaching this topic and series as a faithful daughter who wants to grow in wisdom and understanding.  My friend, who is of a […]