The Patroness of Television

Detail of bas-relief depicting Clare receiving Papal approval of her Order on her deathbed. From the convent at San Damiano

There is a patron saint for everyone—accountants and authors, bankers and bee keepers—and everything—travel and toothaches, Kentucky and kidney stones.  So it shouldn’t surprise us that as they became commonplace in homes, Pope Pius XII realized we needed a patron saint of television. He chose Saint Clare of Assisi, the famous female follower of St. Francis. On Palm Sunday in […]

Your Children are Watching YOU Watching TOO Much TV

It is always fascinating, as well as disappointing, how much time we adults spend with our technology verses each other.  This is so apparent to me as I travel frequently and have the opportunity to people-watch on a regular basis. We text. We tweet. We e-mail. We post.  We have our heads not in the clouds but in our lap […]

Four Ground Rules for Healthy TV Habits

Photography by Paul Johnson

Children Do Not Need Television Though youngsters will urgently argue the point, children don’t need television. They may want it, crave it, even suffer withdrawal during a power outage, but healthy social development is not linked remotely to the number of channels your set receives. Television is not inherently bad. Unlimited and unscreened, however, it is destructive. It erodes family […]

All I Want for Christmas is More Media Awareness and Activism

One prayer or Christmas wish that has been on my heart this season is for Catholics and other Christians to realize the importance of using their voices to challenge the agenda of the MSM or mainstream media.  I am not just referring to the news media, but the mass media in general including the TV networks, advertising industry, the music […]

Sounds of Silence

You would think that someone who makes a living addressing media influence and the importance of silencing the noise in our lives wouldn’t have to be reminded about applying such things to her own Christian walk.  But all of us, especially those in ministry, need a little nudge now and then to help us really practice what we preach. This […]

Spring Hasn’t Sprung Us from the TV or Lap Top

I don’t know about you but I am so grateful that it’s springtime.  And I am not just talking about the weather. It’s true that for many parts of the country the 2009-2010 winter season seemed like it would never end, in terms of the snow. But for people of faith, especially practicing Catholics, the storm clouds filled with bad […]

Time to Think

As busy professionals with compounding responsibilities, isn’t it becoming more and more difficult to find time just to … think?  Commiserating with colleagues and friends, we share how our work days are filled with an almost obsessed focus on getting as much work done as possible, countless meetings and squeezing every bit of air out of our schedules.  In our […]