Because it is True

Photography © by Andy Coan

The only reason to believe something is because it is true. I am Catholic, not because it feels good to go to Mass on Sunday, or because it helps me cope with suffering in my life, or even because I was raised that way. I am Catholic because Catholicism is true. Unfortunately, my generation has taken truth and flipped it […]

The Lost Art of Interpersonal Communication

Today we have a long list of ways to connect and communicate through the latest and greatest technological gadgets.  We have the new iphone4S.  We can text, tweet, friend people on Facebook and yes, we can even do something that is almost getting to seem old fashioned…e-mail.  Why is it with all of the communication advances available that we seem […]

What We’re Looking For

High school graduation marks the end of the nesting period and the beginning of quasi-adulthood.  Parents are a weird mix of merry and melancholic, while many graduates are saturated by relief, excitement and panic. The nostalgia of graduation season leads me to an observation that applies to rising college freshmen, and to all of us, really. Each year I watch […]

SPD and the Prince of Peace

Reflections of a Catholic High School Teacher  – SPD and the Prince of Peace A few weeks ago, one of my sophomore students showed up in class wearing a rather interesting sweatshirt. I glanced up and noticed that he had placed one of the drawstrings of his hoodie into one his ears, and the other drawstring was placed into the […]

Faith and the Next Generation

“If there is one thing you could tell your parents, what would that be?” This question was directed by a TV hostess to a teenage girl. The girl’s face gleamed at the chance of being a parent to her parents and being given permission to tell them exactly what they needed to be told. With unmistakable enthusiasm in her eyes […]