Finding Mary in the Confirmandi

This week, I’m doing one of my favorite things: teaching and supporting our parish’s Confirmation Boot Camp. Over the years that I’ve been involved with this, I’ve found my own faith deepening. In the time that I’ve studied and prepared, in the time that I’ve taught and interacted, in the time that I’ve given and received, I’ve found myself inspired. […]

How to Overcome Worry by Trusting God

Dear Sister, I worry a lot. I worry about myself and my family. People sometimes tell me that I worry far too much.  I can’t help it. As a child, I was trained to be responsible and was held accountable by my parents. Now that I am married, have a husband and children of my own, my worrying has increased […]

Real Role Models for Today’s Young People

He was one of those superstars that everyone admired and looked up to and so many of his fans and supporters were young people both male and female. There were the young athletes who admired his dedication and what we thought were natural abilities and talents. He was greatly respected as someone who beat the odds not only in his […]

Going Forward in this New Year by Looking Back

One of my favorite ways to learn about my faith and to grow in my relationship with God is to try and read as much as possible the writings of Pope Benedict XVI.  For some reason the Pope’s words always hit me right between the eyes and strike me smack dab in the heart.  Whether it is something he said […]

I suffer from anxiety, can you help me?

Ask a Carmelite Sister Dear Sister, I suffer from anxiety.  Do you know of any remedy that could help me? I want so much to be rid of this affliction. Thank you and I enjoy reading your letters on Integrated Catholic Life. Dear Friend Anxiety is an affliction, indeed.  We all are anxious at times, but when the anxiety is […]

Teaching Kids What Matters – 10 Practical Lessons

Our family recently enjoyed a weekend visit from my 73 year old father.  This has been a tough few years for all of us, especially my father, as my mother passed away in 2010 after a long illness.  My parents were married for nearly half a century, a rare thing these days.  My mother was his best friend, partner and […]

Wisdom for Families Struggling in Stressful Times

Ask a Carmelite Sister… Dear Sister, I heard that Mother Luisita, your foundress, wrote letters of spiritual direction in code during the religious persecution in Mexico. Have they been decoded? If so, does she have any spiritual direction for families, helping them stay close to God especially during hard and stressful times? That is what my family is experiencing now, […]

Should I delay Baptism for my children until they are old enough to choose for themselves?

Ask a Carmelite Sister… Dear Sister, My wife and I are thinking of waiting until our newborn is old enough to be an active part of her baptism.  We see our roles as parents as preparing her for that great moment when she embraces the faith. I am wondering, do you know of other Catholic parents who are doing this? […]

The Galatians 5 Spiritual Health Exam

Ask a Carmelite Sister… Dear Sister, At least once a year I see a doctor and check out my physical health. Is there any kind of a spiritual health exam that would help me check out my spiritual health? Dear Friend, Thank you very much for you most timely question.  The answer, of course, is an old-fashioned phrase. Perhaps you […]