The Debt Ripple Effect

The headline jumped out at me: “Fed official says tax code provides incentives to carry debt.” For the past several years, the topic of debt has become increasingly important, for individuals, organizations, even nations. That headline got me thinking… regardless of the incentives, how should Catholics regard debt? It also hit me – we need to think about the “ripple […]

America’s Budget Deficit and Our Moral Crisis

Will Rogers once said, “If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is to quit digging.” Regrettably, America has fiscally dug itself into a national debt which now publicly stands at $14.3 trillion dollars.  What’s more, this is the week that we were supposed to raise the debt ceiling, yet again, in order to avert another national […]

Peace: Tax Deductible?

“I saved Latin,” boasts the character of Max Fischer in the movie Rushmore. In many ways, in my own life, the opposite has been true; Latin has saved me.  One of my personal favorite mental exercises that has borne a superabundance of fruit is my interest in etymology, the study of word origins.  Reflecting on the roots of various terms […]

Defunding Planned Parenthood

February has been a momentous month in Washington with respect to defending innocent human life from abortion. On the negative side, last Friday [February 18, 2011] President Barrack Obama rescinded a 2008 executive order by President Bush that protected the conscience rights of medical students and health care workers from having to participate in immoral activities that violate their consciences. Pres. […]