Creating Summer Family Memories

One summer I encouraged Catholic moms to be mindful of their prayer schedules when changing over to a new season. I gently but straightforwardly reminded, “While making plans for our families this summer, let’s not forget about the prayer. Summer is certainly not a time for our faith to inadvertently go on vacation, after all. Changes in our schedule once […]

How I begin my day makes ALL the difference

Photography © by Andy Coan

I’ve flirted with many different prayer routines. I’ve tried the Liturgy of the Hours in different ways and times throughout the day. I’ve set alarms on my phone to remind me to pray. I’ve tried audio prayers and scriptural prayers and novenas. And what it comes down to is really simple. So simple that I have to rediscover it approximately […]

Here Comes the Procession at Mass: Tank tops, Shorts, and Miniskirts!

The dog days of summer often lead to a predictable phenomenon at Sunday Mass. Invariably, there are women who show up in miniskirts and tank tops, while some men slouch in wearing faded tee-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. Amazingly, though, even in the sweltering Georgia heat, the tailored crowd perseveres. You’ll see women in crisp dresses and men in fine suits. […]