Our Storybook World

Who doesn’t love a good story?  I know I do.  It’s part of the human thing, I think.  People tell stories.  We tell legends to explain our world.  We tell long jokes to make us laugh.  We tell of heroic deeds for our inspiration.  Stories are all around us.  They tie us to the past, teach us lessons, warn us […]

Applied Leadership

My MBA was in “Applied Leadership.” It took an enormous amount of time and sacrifice to complete, yet I’m still not sure that I could provide a concise definition of exactly what “applied leadership” means. Thankfully, I know it when I see it. One of the most head-spinning times in my life was right around my 40th birthday. First came […]

Employment Challenges and a Closer Walk with Christ

I have had the good fortune during my career to meet countless men and women in the business world.  They come from all parts of the country and cover most professions.  Prominent among these good people are those who are unemployed, underemployed or unhappy with their jobs.  Each of these represents a type of crisis which can have a devastating […]

Make Success About God — Not About You

The Illusion of Success

If you were given the choice between worldly success or failure, what would you choose?  Oh, and what if success would lead you away from God while failure would draw you closer to him? You don’t like those choices, do you?  Instead, you want to bargain.  I want success and I promise to stay close to God. Truly, I will! […]

The Illusion of Success

The Illusion of Success

My father came to our house for a visit last summer, which he typically does two or three times a year.  He loves to see his grandsons and we talk to him every week by phone, but for health reasons it is sometimes difficult for him to travel from his Florida home to Atlanta.  I have occasionally written about my […]

Pursuing a Meaningful Life: An interview with author Randy Hain

In a spirit of full disclosure, I am a Randy Hain fan. As a friend, he has been the source of unfailing encouragement, fellowship, and wisdom. Yet there are many dimensions to the man… Randy is a husband, father, writer, speaker, business leader, and much more. His third book, Something More: The Professional’s Pursuit of a Meaningful Life is packed […]

Four Ways Job Seekers Should Expect More From Us

I had an epiphany recently related to people in career transition.  I have been counseling people in transition for many years and have written several articles on job search strategy.  My epiphany (or firm grasp of the obvious?), is that I rarely read or hear anything about how to effectively help people looking for a new job.  The interview coaching, […]