A Mother’s Serenity Prayer

When the heat goes out and the temperature is minus-two degrees outside and I wonder when the oil company will arrive to save us from this dangerous situation, —Lord, help me to accept hardship as a pathway to peace, to take as Jesus did the sinful world as it is, not as I would have it.… Continue reading A Mother’s Serenity Prayer

Dealing with Turbulence

David and I were fortunate enough to have all the kids home for Christmas. From all corners of the country they came, beginning the week before the holy day, one by one, by plane, by train, and by bus. The younger girls still at home were abuzz with excitement, and I won’t lie, while each… Continue reading Dealing with Turbulence

Baseball and Life

The high school girls ran out the door a few minutes ago, reminding me of their plans to attend the boys’ baseball game tonight. As often happens my mind wandered, this time to baseball in general, and then to something I once saw on TV. You’ve probably seen something similar to what I am about… Continue reading Baseball and Life


The Trick to Navigating the Stresses of Life A trick to staying positive and relaxed each day amidst life’s stressors is to build yourself a little mental “ponder box.” Imagine a cardboard box that you might buy at a craft store. Decorate it mentally with some pretty fabric, perhaps some ric rac, lace or a… Continue reading YOUR MENTAL “PONDER BOX”

Five Ideas For Overcoming Our Time Problem

Man at Prayer

For years I have heard people say they don’t have enough time to pray, get involved in parish ministry, attend daily Mass, do Eucharistic Adoration, be involved in their children’s activities, serve in the community, etc., etc. This complaint is so pervasive, that along with silos and surrender, I have identified our misconceptions about time… Continue reading Five Ideas For Overcoming Our Time Problem

Got Stress? Get Peace

I would like to begin this reflection by asking you, my dear reader, a question that may be a little hard to answer: Would you say that you ever get… stressed? If for some reason, that question isn’t easy for you to answer (it certainly — and unfortunately — was simple for me), then let… Continue reading Got Stress? Get Peace

The Challenges of Modern Fatherhood

Sometimes I can almost imagine myself as a great father to my children…then I do something to mess it up.  A week ago the boys and I welcomed my wife home from a five-day trip to California where she had been visiting her sister.  What started out as my great adventure with the kids at… Continue reading The Challenges of Modern Fatherhood

Lot’s Wife Syndrome

When I get invited to speak at women’s events, by far the most popular topic is my “Embracing the Matriarch Within” presentation. This is due, in no small part, to the fact that the topic literally animates me while I speak. In fact, if someone were to tie my hands together and mark an “X”… Continue reading Lot’s Wife Syndrome