spiritual warfare

The Torment of St. Anthony

"The Torment of Saint Anthony" (detail) by Michelangelo

St. Athanasius of Alexandria gifted us a beautiful account of a great saint in the Life of Antony. St. Anthony grew up in a good, loving, wealthy and faithful home in Egypt. He was not drawn to learning his letters, but he was a devoted and obedient son who paid close attention by hearing what was read in his home […]

A Necessary Read: Val Bianco’s “Sons of Cain”

When I asked my political science and history buff, numerical mechanics expert, Special Ops retired military officer husband to recommend his favorite author so I could read it, I was asking as a wifely efforts to show love, to get to know him better. He answered, “Tom Clancy,” and handed me Debt of Honor and Executive Orders, an overwhelming 2,500 page paperback brick […]

Laughing at Lucifer

In 1942, C.S.Lewis published one of his most enduring and endearing books. Screwtape Letters is a collection of epistles from a senior devil to his junior colleague, outlining how he should handle his ‘patient’. Lewis wrote the book as a series of articles for The Guardian newspaper and confessed that the letters were not ‘fun to write.’ Over the years […]

Dealing with the Devil

We’ve the devil here! “Would you please visit our home? We’ve a devil here!” So I answer the call and make the visit. Dealing with the devil is a complex and murky business. That’s because he lies. You can’t figure him out. He hides behind addictions and simple egotism. He shelters behind mental, emotional and relational illnesses. He rarely shows […]

War in the Desert

He sold everything he owned and he went into the desert to fight demons. He burned with a desire for God, and “the devil, an enemy of the word Christian, could not bear to see such outstanding virtues in a young man and so he attacked him” (from Early Christian Lives, the “Life of Antony by Athanasius”). Spiritual warfare. We […]

Spiritual Warfare

I have been working on a number of large projects in recent months and none have gone smoothly.  Projects that, at the outset, seemed anointed by God were mired in personal and professional quagmires.  At the height of one of these instances, a brother-in-Christ revealed that he had just been feeling that he wasn’t much of a challenge for satan […]