Exploring Elysium

“Goodnight…” “Goodnight.” “Don’t go to sleep….” “I won’t.” This is the way my brother and I ended each day. Steve was my junior by three years, and the long shadows of evening always filled him with thoughts of phantoms floating through foyers and bogeys under the bed. Somewhere along the line he determined, or perhaps had been advised, that if […]

Some Thoughts about Thinking

On a very cold night in late February, 2009, Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput delivered what may have been an even more chilling message to a near capacity audience at St. Basil’s Church on the campus of St. Michael’s College.  “We can’t build a just society with the blood of unborn children.” Canadians in the audience, who are familiar with […]

The Good and the Wicked

The 38th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s shameful Roe v. Wade decision last weekend did not pass unnoticed. On the positive side, hundreds of thousands descended upon Washington to pray, to march and to witness in defense of the beauty, dignity, sanctity and moral inviolability of all human life. They were greeted in Washington by many members of the most […]

Political Correctness

Let’s explore the danger of political correctness, the way we might explore a car engine, by asking the question, “How does it work?”  Actually, in this case we should ask the question, “How does it cause harm?” At its core, I believe political correctness causes great, grave problems in a society by leading people to regularly adhere to falsehoods that […]

The Church’s Response to our Hurried and Anxious Society

Among the many means bishops have to form their people, one of the greatest teaching tools is the pastoral letter, in which the leader of a local church focuses the attention of the faithful, religious and clergy of his diocese on a subject he believes is important for living out the Church’s mission in the particular part of the vineyard […]

Pass the Manners Please: Navigating Politely in a Rude World

If we were able, somehow, to catapult a person from the 1800s to the present time, I don’t think the biggest surprise for him would be the inventions or progress we’ve made. Sure, the Internet would wow. The automobiles would amaze, and cell phones would certainly astonish, but I truly believe that one of the most shocking revelations for a […]

The Fall of Icons

  A writer who practices his art at home does not want to turn his place of residence into a library warehouse.  And so, every so often, in order to maintain a dynamic equilibrium between acquisitions and dispersals, he must sift through his material and separate the transitory from the enduring.  It is a practice akin to gardening in which […]