signal grace

Ask for a Sign

Blessed Virgin Mary with Roses (detail) Artwork © by Jef Murray

I wasn’t looking for anything—not a sign from God, anyway. Long before that moment, I had abandoned asking God for signs. Maybe it was that it seemed superstitious or petulant or…maybe it was my lack of faith. I didn’t really believe God was speaking to me through such simple acts of providence each day—signs. But my oldest, Felicity, so gingerly […]

God’s Presence During Our Adoption Process

If you have been following my articles, it is probably fairly easy to see the way that God has directly impacted and been a part of my life. Without faith, and miracles, I simply wouldn’t be here today. Throughout my entire life, I have been blessed with being a part of an amazing and faith-filled family, and being surrounded by unbelievable […]

God Grants a Miracle to my Children

My wife and I were discussing the miracles performed by the apostles recorded in the Acts of the Apostles. Miraculous signs are numerous in the history of the apostolic Church. It is no wonder then, that the early Church was aided in its growth as a result of these signs. The fact that the apostles were able to work such […]