Shrove Tuesday

Reclaiming Carnival

We are in the midst of the season of Carnival right now.  It will culminate next Tuesday on what various cultures call Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday. Like another upcoming holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, this is a festival of the Church which has been stolen by our secular culture that’s obsessed with eating, drinking, and making merry.  To say […]

Laughing at Lucifer

In 1942, C.S.Lewis published one of his most enduring and endearing books. Screwtape Letters is a collection of epistles from a senior devil to his junior colleague, outlining how he should handle his ‘patient’. Lewis wrote the book as a series of articles for The Guardian newspaper and confessed that the letters were not ‘fun to write.’ Over the years […]

Dealing with the Devil

We’ve the devil here! “Would you please visit our home? We’ve a devil here!” So I answer the call and make the visit. Dealing with the devil is a complex and murky business. That’s because he lies. You can’t figure him out. He hides behind addictions and simple egotism. He shelters behind mental, emotional and relational illnesses. He rarely shows […]