Sermon on the Mount

St. Augustine On the Beatitudes

St. Augustine of Hippo (detail) by Sandro Botticelli

In 393, Saint Augustine wrote his Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount. In this edifying treatise, he begins with the weighty proclamation that “anyone who piously and earnestly ponders the Sermon on the Mount — as we read in the Gospel according to Mathew — I believe he will find therein… the perfect standard of the Christian Life.” And […]

Salt of the Earth, Light of the World

As a teen growing up in a Catholic family, living in one of the most Catholic area of the US, I never would have considered abandoning my faith.  But I also never would have considered getting excited about my faith either.  Why should I?  Nobody else in my parish seemed to be excited.  The teens in the parish went wild […]

The Blessed of God

The Beatitudes are the solemn blessings of God upon those who in spirit and deed respond to God’s loving call as He desires. Jesus pronounces them to open the greatest sermon ever given – the Sermon on the Mount. They can be read in their fullest extent in the opening verses of Chapter 5 of St. Matthew’s Gospel. Today, we […]