The Glory of Pentecost

Do you ever wonder what it might have been like to be present with Christ for those three years of His public life as he preached the Kingdom of Heaven throughout the Decapolis? How many miracles of the Incarnate God might we have been privileged to witness? The Apostle John said of the Christ’s unrecorded works: “but there are also […]

Two Stumbling Blocks to Understanding the Marriage Debate

The controversy surrounding marriage has been a frenzied crescendo of rage against the Divine Institution of marriage. The obscene attacks on the definition of marriage leave most faithful souls confused. We find ourselves at a loss as to how we ought to confront the tsunami of propaganda which insanely calls morally ordered views of marriage hateful, racist, and bigoted. The […]

The Concept, Origin and Sacramental Nature of Marriage

"The Wedding Feast at Cana" by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

Marriage is a principle and guiding theme throughout the Holy Scriptures. It is the symbol and sign of God’s sacred covenant with His people. The Creation and institution of marriage appears woven throughout the Bible, first at the beginning of Genesis and last in the book of Revelation 19:9, where it says “blessed are those who are invited to the […]

On Heavy Burdens and Negative Patterns


I have been thinking a great deal about my recent experience at Reconciliation. I felt an intense and unexplainable urge to go and confess my sins when I woke up that morning. I try to go every six weeks or so, but this was no routine visit to the priest for me. I needed to unburden myself of the numerous […]

Grace Trumps Dysfunction in Marriage

Got dysfunction? Everyone has from one extent to the other: a harbored resentment, stubbornness, or jealousy, all the way to major issues such as addictions or mental illness. The dysfunctional parts of our personalities are the ones that interfere with happy marriages. Lack of forgiveness and lack of unconditional love makes us dysfunctional as marriage partners and as Catholics. I […]

Some Thoughts on Marriage

Wedding Rings

It is impossible to ignore the ongoing and hotly contested debate in our country about the definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman.  The partisans on both sides of the issue have well-articulated arguments defending their positions and the issue is now before the Supreme Court to determine the future of marriage in California and possibly […]

Daily Catholic Quote from St. Isidore of Seville

“Confession heals, confession justifies, confession grants pardon of sin. All hope consists in confession. In confession there is a chance for mercy. Believe it firmly. Do not doubt, do not hesitate, never despair of the mercy of God. Hope and have confidence in confession.”  (St. Isidore of Seville) Please help us in our mission to assist readers to integrate their […]

Helping Penitents To Achieve True Conversion

St. John Vianney was well known for helping people to make better confessions. He began by teaching them how to examine their consciences more thoroughly. Then he focused on trying to help them achieve real sorrow for their sins, not so much out of fear of punishment, but out of love for Christ who died to forgive us these sins. […]

Eucharistic Faith and Eucharistic Miracles

Over the past several weeks, we (The Anchor newspaper) have received a half-dozen phone calls, emails and letters about the paid advertisement that we have been running by the Love and Mercy Publications, found this week on page 13. The advertisement, which also runs in national and diocesan Catholics newspapers across the country, is entitled “The Truth of the Eucharist […]