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Six Ways to Avoid Becoming a Virtual Family

The Virtual Family: Connected or Disconnected?

I took my family out to dinner one evening after my younger son’s lacrosse practice. As we were catching up on each other’s day and making plans for the coming weekend, I noticed a family had been seated at the table next to us. What struck me as odd was that the dad was on his iPhone answering an email, […]

Dads, Do We Have Our Act Together?

During a recent coffee meeting, a friend said, “You seem to have your act together on the fatherhood front. What’s your secret?” I was surprised and taken aback because I don’t think I have my act together at all. I don’t mean that out of false humility. I pray every day to be a better husband and father because I […]

The Illusion of Success

The Illusion of Success

My father came to our house for a visit last summer, which he typically does two or three times a year.  He loves to see his grandsons and we talk to him every week by phone, but for health reasons it is sometimes difficult for him to travel from his Florida home to Atlanta.  I have occasionally written about my […]

A Catholic Dad Offers Five Ideas for Better Parenting

“Dad, want to throw the baseball?”  Major League Baseball season is in full swing and this is an almost daily request from my 12 year old son during the week when I get home from work and it is repeated throughout the weekend.  Depending on the sports season, weather and the whims of my children, the requests can morph into […]