A Nation in Crisis, Prayer and the Wisdom of Mother Teresa

The news keeps getting darker and darker. The United States borrows about 40% of every dollar it spends. That amounts to about 120 billion dollars added to the debt each month. The current U.S. debt, not including unfunded future liabilities, is 14.5 trillion dollars. Add in those liabilities and you have 76 trillion dollars. To cover just the current year […]

America’s Budget Deficit and Our Moral Crisis

Will Rogers once said, “If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is to quit digging.” Regrettably, America has fiscally dug itself into a national debt which now publicly stands at $14.3 trillion dollars.  What’s more, this is the week that we were supposed to raise the debt ceiling, yet again, in order to avert another national […]

Life in the Late Republic: The Catholic role in America after virtue

Every now and then you read something that simply must be read and shared.  This recent address by Archbishop Charles Chaput to the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars is deeply insightful into the challenges Catholics face today and what we must do to get back on track.  I encourage you to read this, share your comments and pass it along to […]

Freedom is not only a gift…

As we prepare for the 4th of July and celebrate the birth of our great nation, please reflect on the words of Pope Benedict from his speech at the White House in April 2008 during his visit to the U.S.  Freedom is not only a gift, but also a summons to personal responsibility. Americans know this from experience – almost […]

Report Highlights the Growing Need for More Parental Control

God’s timing is always perfect.  I was reminded of this during a recent radio interview I was conducting with Jen Giroux of Human Life International.  HLI has been joining with other pro-life organizations in speaking out on the harmful emotional, spiritual, and especially physical side effects of the birth control pill.   The pill marked 50 years on the market last […]