The New Year’s Resolution That Will Change Your Spiritual Life

Photography by John Neff | Shutterstock

Right now you’re likely inundated with ideas for how to make your new year healthier, more relaxing, more successful, more social…the lists really go on and on. When I sat down to do my own goal setting for the New Year, one rather unusual resolution kept coming up in my thoughts and prayers: Ponder things in your heart. I know […]

6 Failed Resolutions and 1 Surefire Resolution

I love resolutions. Whether it’s an attempt at small monthly goals or the blank slate of a new year, I have always been motivated by setting goals and making plans. That said, I’m in a stretch of zilch with resolutions. For the last few years, I haven’t made them because…well, because life is a resolution enough! Maybe it’s the endless […]

A Personal Relationship with Jesus

As the New Year unfolds there are countless thoughts that fill our hearts and minds. We think of our health, our work, our family, our friends. We examine our relationships and take in the past and the future in one deep, exhilarating breath. Most of us use this time to get our bearings: where we’ve been, where we’re headed. Maybe […]

New Years’ Resolutions and the 4th Luminous Mystery

It’s such a cliché, the New Years’ Resolution List.  Each year we are programmed to begin anew by making a list to correct our various shortcomings.  We set goals to be more organized, save more money or get in shape.  We are filled with hope, yet statistics show that the resolutions will likely be abandoned and forgotten before the annual […]