Ancient Church Bells Tolling

“We’re the most tolerant society in the world here,” said the taxi driver as I made my way from the train station to my hotel. He seemed friendly, dressed in old clothes with a shaggy beard and a tattered cap turned backwards on his head.  I decided to ask him something about the Netherlands and Amsterdam, the port city on […]

The Lost Chalice

Written somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean… The church bell rang out loudly, like a glorious sound, over the hillside of this historic town.  I heard it proudly ringing across the water that separated my hotel from the city square.   For my European colleague who lives in Amsterdam, it was a normal sound, signaling the noon hour – time for lunch. […]

The Crucial and Legitimate Role of Religion in the Public Square

At the end of Pope Benedict’s highly successful four-day apostolic journey and state visit to Great Britain, British Prime Minister David Cameron, on behalf of all British citizens, publicly thanked him — not in an inauthentic ceremonial fashion, but in a concrete and personal way — declaring, “You have really challenged the whole country to sit up and think, and […]