Is it Morally Permissible to Vote for a Pro-Abortion Candidate?

Unborn Child

Every election cycle, the debate arises… “Candidate ‘A’ opposes abortion, but I disagree with his other positions. Candidate ‘B’ promotes access to and advocates a legal right to abortion, but I feel that he is more correct on the other issues of the day. Is it morally permissible for me to vote for Candidate ‘B’”? The question is often framed […]

Good Public Servants, but God’s First

On Sunday, as we were being bombarded with robo-calls, advertisements, television news segments and special programs focused on Tuesday’s elections, a significant commemoration quietly took place: the tenth anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s declaring St. Thomas More the patron of politicians and statesmen. As those who were elected on Tuesday change their focus from campaigning to preparing to serve […]