Origins of today’s “God is Dead” Morality: Descartes and the Father of Lies

René-Descartes by Frans Hals

In North America, October 31 is celebrated as an opportunity for children and adults to dress up in strange, often elaborate and occasionally gruesome costumes. What was once the Feast of All Hallow’s Eve has been transformed and secularized into what is now called Halloween. In the United States, over two billion dollars are spent on candy that will be distributed […]

Origins of today’s “God is Dead” Morality: Machiavelli

Portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli by Santi di Tito

Finally, it is over, and about time too! Canadians last week elected a new Prime Minister after a historically long eleven week campaign, or seventy-eight days to be exact. This campaign, initiated by the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, was twice as long as the usual thirty-seven-day campaign. Unfortunately for him it was probably too long as he and his […]

Today’s “God is Dead” Morality: Opening Act — Martin Luther

All Saints' Church (Schlosskirche), Wittenberg

A few years ago I found myself in the doctor’s office lamenting over a growing list of aches, pains and other ailments. I asked the doctor why this was happening to me all of a sudden and he simply said “eventually your past catches up to you.” My good doctor began to ask me questions about my activities when I […]

The Eclipse of Happiness

Photography © by Randy Hain

I don’t think I’d be too far wrong in saying that most people in the Western world are not happy campers at the moment. Between the riots in Greece, the Occupy >>>Insert Town/Place Here<<< movement and all the real suffering caused by the economic crisis, it is fair to say that most people’s stress level has gone up and their […]

Johnny Be Good … and Loving

In my last article, I penned a story about Johnny and Sara that was meant to help make concrete the metaphysical and anthropological concepts that we have been discussing so far. Without further ado, let me provide an answer key to see if we’re on the same page. This key is NOT exhaustive. I could write a volume on the […]

What it means for Johnny to be Good

Back when this series first ran, I was being interviewed one morning by Brian Patrick, then-host of the Son Rise Morning Show in Cincinnati, Ohio. We had been discussing my article, Johnny Be Good, and admittedly the conversation was a bit abstract for 6:35 in the morning. Near the end of the interview Brian asked me to give a concrete example and […]

Johnny Be Good—An Introduction

Every day, in homes around the world and in every language, parents are ushering their children out the door and off to school, camp, a sleep-over or some other parent-free function with the time honoured exhortation: “Have fun and be good!” Some children, usually the older and more worldly-wise, will mutter under their breath that the two commands “have fun” […]

You, Your Conscience and Pinocchio

Every once in a while a news story crosses my path that makes me wonder who exactly is writing this series. Just as I’m reaching the time to discuss a particular topic something happens that coincides perfectly with it, illustrating wonderfully what it is that is being explained. This happens in the classroom as well, so it is not a […]

The Philosophy of Sex

Marriage: The Union of One Woman and One Man

Perhaps the only absolute statement you can make in our society which will not receive any disagreement is that human beings are sexual beings. No matter what a person’s political or philosophical point of view they are most likely to agree to the statement that human beings are sexual. In fact in some areas of society, especially among educators, academics, […]

Why are so many Christians confused today?

So far during this series of articles we have been laying out a simple framework that incorporates all the unchanging elements of this universe we live in; elements that are not physical or measurable, but rather principles upon which all of reality rests on. Metaphysics shows us that we intuitively realize certain truths. Stick with me on this and you’ll […]