Patti Armstrong

We Teach Our Children That God Loves Them

"Suffer little children to come unto me" (detail) by Juan Urruchi

As responsible and caring parents, we teach our children that God loves them. We also teach them to pray and to go to God with their needs. But how do we explain those times when God lets them suffer and their prayers are not answered the way they had hoped? It makes the most sense to look to Jesus for […]

Book Review: “Dear God, I Don’t Get It”

They say that the measure of a good children’s book—or a young reader’s chapter book, as the case may be—is that both children and adults find the story compelling, that it stirs within them a desire to be something more than what they already are.  Patti Maguire Armstrong’s new book, Dear God, I Don’t Get It, certainly does just that.  […]