Our Lady

The Most Important Thing You Can Do On Election Day

Man at Prayer

Many of us feel helpless right now, as Election Day approaches.  Perhaps you’ve felt this way before, each time you’re given the responsibility of choosing the man or woman that will lead your school board, city, state, or even country.  Maybe you’ve never felt as helpless as you do in this election. Perhaps you’ve read all you want to read, […]

A Mother Running to Our Aid: Our Lady of Prompt Succor

Our Lady of Prompt Succor

Sometimes—often—in my Christian journey, I have discovered that God’s timeline is different than mine.  While I’m busy praying every prayer I can find, He’s at work.  The problem, for me, is that I don’t always see results immediately. “Hey God,” I call, “it’s been a week since I started that novena.  I know, a few more days to go.  But, […]

Nicknames and Mary: Meet “Cachita”

"La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre" | CC 3.0 (Cropped / resized to 740x493 px)

When my second daughter was born, I was not prepared for how her big sister, age three-and-a-half, would react.  She had watched with great interest as my belly grew and she knew—though she didn’t really understand—that a baby would somehow be coming out of there.  When the baby was born, my three-year-old loved the baby, though that was no surprise; […]