Opus Dei

Enduring His Wife’s Addiction

Marriage: The Union of One Woman and One Man

Shuffling through the mail, Brad Kremmer pulled out several envelopes from credit card companies and ripped them open. His muscles tightened as he skimmed over the new balances. “She’s lied again,” Brad realized. His wife, Jennifer, had promised to stop gambling at the casino and going on out-of-control buying sprees. Instead, she had gone through at least another two thousand […]

Responding Like the Saints

The crises that the Church and the world face are “crises of saints.” This insight of St. Josemaria Escriva, the 35th anniversary of whose birth into eternal life the Church celebrates tomorrow, points to one of the most important lessons we can draw from ecclesiastical history. There have unfortunately been many scandals in the Church throughout the centuries— from popes, […]