“I Was Not Always the Man I Am Today”

A cafeteria Catholic, his disabled son, and a deep conversion have added up to a testimony that has caught fire and transformed lives. Abortions have been prevented, people have been lifted from despair, and faith in God has been renewed and even ignited for the first time. Chad Judice has published two books about the spiritual journey with his son […]

The Sinner’s Guide to NFP: A Book You’ll Be Sorry You Don’t Have

I’ve been following Simcha Fisher on and off for a few years. Without fail, she always gets me laughing, whether she’s writing newsy stuff or cracking me up on her personal blog. In the midst of my laughing, though, Fisher also gets me thinking; usually in a way that’s long and hard and ongoing. She inspires me, that’s for sure. I […]

Do Catholics Couples HAVE to use NFP?

Happy New Parents

I know that a Dad to ten children without a theology degree is probably NOT the right person to be writing this article.  Last week I got booked on The Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick to talk about a topic near and dear to my heart, “Do Catholic Couples Have to Use Natural Family Planning?” The simple answer is no.  […]