LANDED! Hits the Mark

Navigating the job market successfully today takes finesse and a little luck, but with the right planning it doesn’t have to be left to chance. If finding the right job is the target, Randy Hain’s fourth book, LANDED!  Proven Job Search Strategies for Today’s Professional, hits the mark, offering job seekers a tangible plan and the right formula to make […]

Generational Differences, Worried Parents and Jobs with Drive-Thru Windows

It is not a great time to be a recent college graduate in today’s job market.  As tough as it has been for more experienced workers, these young adults have had a much more difficult time finding full-time employment related to their education.  I have spoken to several 2009 graduates recently who have been looking for almost a year and […]

The Upside of a Job Search in a Down Economy

When faced with an opportunity to fundamentally change your life, will you take it?  Many of us want to answer this question with a resounding “yes,” but may think that reality is not attainable. Not necessarily so.  Consider the possibility that the current recession may be providing the catalyst for meaningful lessons and positive life changes to people all around […]

The Unconnected Leader

As they ascend the corporate ladder, many leaders do a curious thing … they stop networking.  There isn’t much else that can have more of a long term negative impact on a career. I have observed this phenomenon over much of my professional life, most recently in conversations with countless senior executives during this painful recession who have unexpectedly found […]