Navigating the Interior Life

A Miracle in Adoration

Photography © Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart

A number of years ago I had an amazing experience in adoration. I had suffered for years with chronic and often debilitating pain. The pain caused me to isolate myself because after fighting the pain, I had so little energy to interact with or serve others. After a period of reflection and prayer I decided that I would try to fight […]

The Two Trajectories of the Soul

Ladder of Divine Ascent St. Catherine's Monastery Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

There is a troubling phenomenon noted by several doctors of the Church regarding the common waning of spiritual development after a period of progress. It often happens after a fervent soul makes notable gains against habitual mortal and then venial sin. It can also happen on the back side of any virtue based victory. The soul becomes satisfied with itself […]

Finding a Spiritual Director

A Woman at Prayer

Foundational to any sound spiritual direction is the idea that there actually is a tangible direction to discover. That objective reality – just as objective and real as a map of your own hometown. For instance, if you asked someone to give you directions to the Cathedral and you ended up at the town dump, you would clearly know that […]

How to Survive the Fall of Western Civilization

The Last Judgment (detail) by Michelangelo

At Mass last Saturday morning, the priest stated during his homily: “We are experiencing the decline of Western Civilization.” Sunday’s Gospel reading continued the end-of time theme warning of the return of Christ. “There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the […]

Navigating the Interior Life

Dan Burke

The spiritual battle rages, day by day. In the bigger picture it’s obvious–heaven vs. hell; God, his angels, and saints vs. the devil.  In the mundane however, it often escapes us. There’s no question we want to one day be with God in heaven for all eternity, but getting there is a moment-by-moment journey, and as they say, the devil […]