The Rite – Movie Review

There will be two kinds of people that go to see the movie, The Rite, Warner Brother’s supernatural thriller about demonic possession; those that believe and those that do not.  But as Fr. Lucas’s warned his seminarian apprentice, “Choosing NOT to believe in the Devil, won’t protect you from him.”  And that, is ultimately what the movie is about–faith or […]

The Rite – Four Catholics, Four Takes

Four Catholics, Four Takes… on How Making The Movie, The Rite, Impacted Their Lives – by Mark Armstrong The Integrated Catholic Life recently screened The Rite, visited with the stars, director and screenwriter and spoke to them concerning how the movie impacted their views of Catholicism, the rite of Exorcism and the presence of evil in the world today.  Our interview with Sir Anthony […]

An Interview with Sir Anthony Hopkins of “The Rite”

The Integrated Catholic Life spoke with the stars of the new movie – The Rite – including Sir Anthony Hopkins, the 73-year old Welsh actor who might be best known for his Academy Award winning performance as Hannibal Lector in the 1991 movie, The Silence of the Lambs. This new movie, which is inspired by true events, opens in theaters on […]

Bringing Narnia to Life: An Interview with Michael Flaherty

Michael Flaherty is a devout Catholic homeschool dad of three.  He created Walden Media as a movie, television, publishing and internet enterprise whose goal is to teach and entertain kids.  Walden Media has created such films as Bridge to Terabithia, Charlotte’s Web, and all the Narnia movies.  After screening his most recent release, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, I spoke […]

Movie Review: Like Dandelion Dust

Best-selling Christian novelist Karen Kingsbury has some very persistent fans.  They organized a grassroots movement on Facebook to bring the shoestring-budget indie film version of her popular novel, Like Dandelion Dust, to local theaters throughout the country this weekend. Based on this information, I was expecting to screen a movie along the lines of compelling but clearly budget films like […]