Passing Along All that is Noble and Worthwhile

I was blessed to grow up with great parents. We didn’t have much, but my parents made sure my sister and I had love, discipline, faith, strong values, and an appreciation for the value of hard work. My mother played a vital role in our family, as all mothers do, but I find as I grow older that I am […]

America, the Resilient

Reminiscing seems to go hand in hand with getting older.  When I slow down enough to look at life through the eyes of my children, I see a world vastly different from the one in which I grew up.  As a product of Generation X, my age group may be the last to remember a childhood without electronic games and […]

Reviewing the “Legacy of the Stone Harp” (books 1 and 2)

I have learned, over time, to be a bit careful when I’m soliciting review copies of books. My inner editor in me has very little patience for shoddiness, short-cuts in writing and editing, and error, especially of the grammar variety. I was absolutely delighted, then, when the first two books in a series crossed my reading time and transported me […]

The Catholic Difference

My husband, Mark, and I were sitting next to each other across from an English teacher at the public high school’s parent/teacher conferences.  She and another teacher had just been laughing about something.  Turning to give us her attention, she briefly explained her exchange. “I guess some parents got upset when they heard there was a live, nude model in […]

When Catholic Hospitals Lose Their Identity and Way

Before Christmas, as the Christian world was preparing to celebrate the birth of the child Jesus, Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix had to deal with a Catholic hospital that carried out a decision to kill a child made in Jesus’ image and likeness. After months of conversation with the administrators of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix and its parent network […]

How Important is Virtue?

Virtue is understated, underappreciated, under-valuated, and misunderstood.  This is a sad litany for something as important as virtue.  And how important, then, is virtue?  It is as important to the moral life as money is to the economy.  They both operate as a vital medium of exchange.  The economy keeps money in circulation;  morality keeps love in circulation. The importance […]

Because We Love Them So Much

My wife and I are blessed with two wonderful boys, Alex and Ryan, ages 12 and nine.  The catalyst for this article occurred after a recent family birthday celebration.  We went to a nicer restaurant than usual because of the occasion, which also served to elevate the anxiety we felt about the boys showing good manners.  Our dinner was delicious, but […]