An Ode to Glamour

Artwork © by Jef Murray

“Far over the Misty Mountains cold, To dungeons deep and caverns old, We must away, ere break of day, To seek our pale enchanted gold.” The poem and song echo through my mind this week. It is a fact that I never heard a melody setting for Tolkien’s original poem that truly fit it; that is, until Howard Shore’s recent […]

The Case of the Plugged Painting: A Sam Newbuck Mystery

Artwork © by Jef Murray

I was sitting at my easel, working out how the light should fall on my latest painting of Great Smials, when all of a sudden, I heard a gunshot. Since I live on the seedy side of New Bree, I normally wouldn’t have paid it any attention; but this time the bullet ripped right through my canvas. “Damned orcs,” I muttered as I pulled out my .357. My name’s Newbuck: Sam Newbuck. […]

Alatar Speaks

“It is true that the Hobbits were the first to put pipeweed into a pipe and set fire to it,” said the old man. “But, it is also true that I was the first to make the latter step unnecessary.” Alatar drew gently on the odd device in his hand and blew several smoke rings, each of which neatly threaded […]