“A Healthy Person with a Sick Soul is Still a Sick Person”

“A Healthy Person with a Sick Soul is Still a Sick Person” – St. Giuseppe Moscati (1880-1927), “the holy physician of Naples”  You are an orthopedic physician, the patient is a woman in her early 40’s who you are treating for a simple fracture.  She isn’t healing properly.  You recognize signs of emotional, maybe even spiritual scars.  Out of the blue […]

The Practice of Medicine Cannot be Isolated from the Truth

“The Practice of Medicine Cannot be Isolated from the Truth!” An ICL Conversation with Dr. Theresa Deisher SEATTLE — The culture we live in is under assault.  Nowhere are the battles more clearly drawn than in the world of medicine. And unless Catholics step into the cultural breech, the practice of medicine might radically change in the next few years, using our most […]

To Be Human

SEATTLE — The opening session at the 79th annual Catholic Medical Association conference in Seattle was delivered by Dr. Josef Seifert and was entitled “Christian Anthropology, Connecting a Proper Anthropology with Proper Medical Practice.” Dr. Seifert is the author of over 40 books and grew up in Salzburg, Austria. The philosophical foundations laid out by Dr. Seifert pursue the goal of a […]

Ethical Lines Being Drawn in Cloning Debate

SEATTLE — What does it mean to be human? It is an age-old question. The Discovery Institute played host to a discussion of what it means to be human as a prelude to the 79th annual educational conference now underway in Seattle for the Catholic Medical Association.  Human life is under assault like never before in our history.  Some scientists are advocating […]

Catholic Physicians Gather in Seattle

SEATTLE — I am covering this week’s 79th Annual Educational Conference of the Catholic Medical Association in Seattle.  The theme of the conference is “Restoring the Integrity of Medicine: An Imperative for a Christian Anthropology“.  I will be reporting for us from the conference each day and you will hear audio of my interviews of attendees and presenters as well […]

An Ignoble Prize for Medicine

In 1949, an enormous controversy was ignited when the Nobel Foundation awarded its Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to Dr. Antonio Egas Moniz for developing the technique of prefrontal leucotomy, popularly known as a lobotomy. Many in the medical community protested. Large newspapers decried the award. The complaint was not that Dr. Moniz’s medical research and the surgical technique […]