Sometimes We Women Are Our Own Worst Enemies

I don’t think I would get too many people disagreeing that the over-sexualizaiton of women and girls is a big problem.   Even “Good Housekeeping” magazine had a major story on this topic. The report in the publication’s August edition focused primarily on the fallout from shows such as TLC’s “Toddlers in Tiaras” along with the climate in our culture that […]

A Marketing Scheme to Die For

Supply and demand; it fuels our economic engine and determines prices.  When demand is greater than the supply, prices go up.  When the supply is greater than demand, prices go down.  But at International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), there is a different twist to this equation. Planned Parenthood has become a billion dollar industry by supplying birth control and a […]

Truth in Advertising

A few years ago while working in marketing, I found myself briefly and casually engaged in conversation with a young woman who worked as a “trend forecaster.” Suspicious of such an obviously Orwellian job title, I asked her about this mysterious career. She informed me that it was her duty to comment on what was “natural” to consumers; that is, […]