Beautiful Strength

Small Things Series: Little Things Can Make a Big Difference “Beautiful Strength” by T. Thomas Mariana is a beautiful woman in her sixties, a former professional ballerina trained in the Russian classical style, who performed as a principal dancer in the Israeli Ballet, and is now an esteemed instructor here in America. I’ve caught glances of her coming and going in […]

White Gloves

Small Things Series: Little Things Can Make a Big Difference “White Gloves” by T. Thomas Mr. Jim gave me a pair of white, wrist-length, stretch dress gloves as a present when I became engaged to my now husband, David. At this, two things came to mind. First, I was surprised to receive anything from Mr. Jim, not expecting an engagement gift […]

Confessions of a Closet Redneck

I’m a closet redneck. I like my grits drenched in butter and my chicken heavily fried. And whenever I get in the car to run an errand, I switch the dial to country music. I love songs about the real-life, down-to-earth truths of human nature. There’s the heart-rending one called “Who’s That Man?” about the divorced guy who drives by […]

Pass the Manners Please: Navigating Politely in a Rude World

If we were able, somehow, to catapult a person from the 1800s to the present time, I don’t think the biggest surprise for him would be the inventions or progress we’ve made. Sure, the Internet would wow. The automobiles would amaze, and cell phones would certainly astonish, but I truly believe that one of the most shocking revelations for a […]

Because We Love Them So Much

My wife and I are blessed with two wonderful boys, Alex and Ryan, ages 12 and nine.  The catalyst for this article occurred after a recent family birthday celebration.  We went to a nicer restaurant than usual because of the occasion, which also served to elevate the anxiety we felt about the boys showing good manners.  Our dinner was delicious, but […]