Lumen Fidei

Living by the Light of Faith

Friday, when another priest takes the daily morning Mass, is the day I can ordinarily sleep later. On Friday, July 5, however, I got up earlier than normal at 4:45 am, showered, celebrated Mass in the rectory chapel and did my morning meditation. Then I returned to my study energized at 6 am, awoke my Mac laptop, typed into […]

Living a Life of Joyful Witness: An Interview with Editor and Syndicated Columnist Kathryn Lopez

Over the last few years, I have had a few opportunities to interact with Kathryn Lopez as she has interviewed me about topics related to my books.  But the opinion I have formed about Kathryn is more heavily influenced by her outstanding writing and editing work for various publications and websites.  Kathryn is longtime editor and now editor-at-large of National […]