Living the Catholic Faith

Abundant Life from the Good Shepherd

The atheist philosopher of the 19th century, Friedrich Nietzsche, once said: “if Christians want me to believe in their redeemer, they need to look more redeemed.”  He was drawing the wrong conclusion from a perceptive observation.  To Nietzsche most Christians looked just as burdened, clueless and lost as everybody else.  When he looked into their eyes, he did not see […]

Book Recommendation: Living the Catholic Faith

I first read Living the Catholic Faith: Rediscovering the Basics  by Archbishop Charles Chaput last year and recently re-read this gem a few weeks ago.  Lifelong Catholics and Converts alike will find this book to be very well written, insightful and filled with the practical guidance we have come to expect from Archbishop Chaput of Denver.  I encourage you to […]