lectio divina

Praying the Word of God

Photography © by Andy Coan

“Allow the Word of God to help you fall in love with God and change your life.” I was blessed to study Scripture under Dr. Scott Hahn at Franciscan University of Steubenville and doubly blessed to work for him at the same time. In those years, I devoured everything I could to learn more about the Word of God – […]

Saying your Prayers versus Praying your Prayers

In the spiritual life, the language we use intimately reflects our hearts. As an example, let’s look at prayer. Do we “say our prayers?” Or do we pray in an intimate relationship with God? The former is like saying, “I said words to my wife.” The latter is closer to saying, “My wife and I had a wonderful dinner together.” Prayer, […]

Daily Catholic Quote from Guigo the Carthusian Monk

“Seek in reading and you will find in meditating; knock in mental prayer and it will be opened to you by contemplation.” (Guigo the Carthusian, Scala Paradisi:PL 40,998; CCC 2654) If you liked this quote, please share it with your friends and family using the Share and Recommend buttons below and via email. We value your comments and encourage you to […]

Contemplation for Busy People

This is an insightful and helpful article by Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio on the need to escape from the media noise we are constantly faced with and find time for contemplative prayer.  He gives eight practical tips, including a description of lectio divina, on how to achieve this in the middle of our typical hectic schedules. Do you think this is achievable?  Have […]

Get closer to God in four simple steps

If anyone has been in a classroom with Deacon Mike Bickerstaff, you have heard him teach on lectio divina.  Read this insightful article from Catholic Digest on the steps of lectio divina and learn how to dive more deeply into scripture…and get closer to God.  Get closer to God in four simple steps By Jim Manney How do we allow […]