Waiting Together

If the Jews are waiting for the Messiah, and the Christians are waiting for him to come again… we might as well wait together. I heard a local rabbi express this a few months ago—he was paraphrasing a well-known Jewish philosopher—and it came to mind while I was reflecting on the season of Advent.  A large number of my neighbors […]

Book Review: Our Jewish Roots

Our Jewish Roots: A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Fulfillment Today by Connecting with her Past By Cheryl Dickow A Review by Guest Contributor Christine Capolino The book with the pull. The overwhelming desire to “get back to that book,” as the laundry basket spills haphazardly; spaghetti sauce stained dishes languish; lesson plan book waits open and blank. Until your brain […]

So, What’s in a Name?

By the time a child is but a few years old he recognizes any number of different monikers to which he must answer.  Let’s take a look at fictitious Joseph James Baxter.  To his grandmother he might be “Joe-Joe” while to his friends he might be “The Big J.” His parents probably call him “Joe” unless they are upset and […]