Jesus of Nazareth

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High school graduation marks the end of the nesting period and the beginning of quasi-adulthood.  Parents are a weird mix of merry and melancholic, while many graduates are saturated by relief, excitement and panic. The nostalgia of graduation season leads me to an observation that applies to rising college freshmen, and to all of us, really. Each year I watch […]

Pope Benedict XVI on How to Read the Bible

Editor’s Note: In Pope Benedict’s first two volumes of Jesus of Nazareth, he shares his personal thoughts on the methods of reading the bible and speaks at length on the historical-critical method – how it can benefit us, but also, he warns of its limitations and how it can be misused. Fr. Barron looks at what we can learn from […]

Fr. Barron Reviews “Jesus of Nazareth,Part II:Holy Week”

Father Barron recently read and reviewed Pope Benedict XVI’s newly published book, Jesus of Nazareth, Part II: Holy Week. This book will be available on March 10th. Pope Benedict and How to Read the Bible The second volume of Pope Benedict’s masterful study of the Lord Jesus has just been published.  The first volume, issued three years ago, dealt with […]